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Use of sonic energy, though, has been prevalent through centuries, this nascent knowledge in modern times is now being recognized as a potent, serious and credible alternative, supplementing and also complimenting modern medicine. Many believe that future belongs to sound medicine, albeit, no one can deny that sonic energy in healing, therapeutic and well-being is already playing a significant role for individuals, groups, communities and corporate growth and development.




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sound healing by sanj hall

Sound healing Foundation Program

15th to 17th March

gong bath by sanj hall

Gong Mastery and Sound Healing

15th to 24th March

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Sanj Hall, The Master

Sanj Hall is a traveling gong yogi, sound artist and a gong teacher, who has taken the divine order to spread the positive vibrations of gongs and holistic resonance to the world. He has been conducting gong baths, meditative concerts, therapy sessions, gong and sound healing workshops in over 80 countries across Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America. He also performs meditative “free spiritual jazz” concerts worldwide both as a solo artist as well as in collaboration with other sound artists, whether its an ancient instrument or modern electronic music, fusing healing sounds of nature and man-made, inspiring the inner Nada.

Sound Healing session by sanj hall
Sound Healing at Rishikesh Film Festival

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